Ripe for the Bleeding

Ripe for the Bleeding


A thick fog hid most of the city as I emerged from the train station. The late-night train had arrived far too late, so I had little hope of finding a place to stay for the night. I knew of a hotel not far from here and, so I made my way into the misty city centre, from streetlamp to streetlamp. However, traversing the city in a night like this proved far more challenging than I had imagined and soon, I was lost amidst the tall houses with not a single illuminated window. The small streets seemed to endlessly meander onward without ever crossing another one. I found no doors, no ways out of the ever-growing labyrinth. When I finally came upon an illuminated entrance with the word “Hotel” barely visible, my heart almost leaped with joy. I pushed open the heavy iron door of this supposedly historic building and already braced myself for the price a room would cost here, especially this late at night. Continue reading


He’ll huff, and puff, and slow your house down to 1 fps

The Wolf Among Us (Vita Version)


Tea: Assam


This is the last time I will (probably) talk about Telltale Games and the like. After only having watched Let’s Plays of these games so far, I recently played the Vita version of The Wolf Among Us. Partially to experience one of these games myself, but mostly to free myself from any criticism. I played through the entire thing and rather than providing a review or rehashing my points made in previous articles, I will list all the new ways I discovered that makes these games atrocious. Continue reading

Cold Steel Coffin Act 2

Act Two

Scene One

The other side of the stage is lit, leaving the previous one in the dark. A paint bucket and a few benches stand around. Adam is carefully painting each one in pure white. He is dressed in a white overall with red splashes of paint near his feet. A radio plays in the background. The news report of a fatal thirty car accident on the highway. A girl of about twelve years of age enters, holding an ice cream cone. Continue reading

All the World’s a Machine

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs


Tea: Indian Chai


To be honest, I had not planned to play more of the Amnesia series after The Dark Decent had so thoroughly disappointed me, but I am glad I did. A Machine for Pigs may not be the same type of horror the first one was aiming for, meaning silly and campy horror, but rather a much darker and deeper kind of horror. Of course, being so different from the previous instalments, A Machine for Pigs received a lot of negative criticism. So today it is time to tip the scales in favour of this trodden upon masterpiece. Continue reading

Into the Heart

Into the Heart


Records of that time are rarely false, but it can happen, of course. However, I was not willing to believe that all the accounts had just been fabricated and a few days away from the office would not hurt either. While the trip with the bus was anything but a pleasure, I was so engrossed in my work that I hardly noticed the bumpy ride. To think that someone would fake the records of an entire town still baffles me. To what end? Or maybe it was all just a lie. Continue reading

How to do insanity

How to do insanity


Tea: China Lung Ching


Having recently played Amnesia: The Dark Decent for the first time, I could not help but cringe at the terrible way insanity is handled in that game and afterwards I could not stop thinking about how other games deal with it. Which is why I will take you on a tour through the halls of insanity and show a few ways the breaking of the mind materialises in games and why they – in most cases – suck. Continue reading

Shadows in a Child’s Mind

Shadows in a Child’s Mind – Little Nightmares Interpretation


Tea: Herb Tea


When it comes to horror, your own brain is still the best creator. Nothing is more powerful at creating darkness than your mind given the little spark. And once the shadows have started transforming, there is little to stop them. Today, we look at the mind of scared little Six from Little Nightmares and what might actually be going on around her. No horrible sea establishment with good service but a rather steep bill. No, what we find in Six’s story is a traumatic journey through a child’s life.

Spoiler Alert for the Main Campaign of Little Nightmares Continue reading

Rise once more, Count Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola)


Tea: Peppermint


A classic tale: The letters of young Jonathan and his visit with the dubious Count Dracula in Transylvania and the following confusion, deaths, and horrors that came from this place. The name is as notorious as the breed he is part of and since I have never watched this version of Dracula before, I thought it would be a fitting addition to this year’s marathon of little horrors and frights. Coppola is nothing short of a great director and his unique take on matters is sure to prove interesting with this one as well, won’t it? Continue reading

From the Woods

From the woods


“That cannot be him?” Margaret says while quickly drawing the curtains back. I gently push her aside to take a look myself. It seems impossible, but there is William walking down the road, rain pouring down on him. “For four months! Four months he was gone! That cannot be him. You said you had searched the woods with the others and only found his bloodied boots. Charles, what is the meaning of this?” Margaret’s eyes are full of terror, the supposedly dead man slowly walking past all the houses of his former village. Quick glances from every window line his way, but his eyes seem set on his destination. His feet black from the mud or something else, but his face white with ash, almost shining underneath those dark clothes I last saw him in. The thick branch he drags behind him leaves a trail in the wet and soft earth of our main road. Suddenly, he simply stops dead in his tracks. He does not look around or move, but seems to simply take in the pouring rain. Until his body begins to jerk violently and with a hellish scream he lifts the branch high and thrusts it into the ground. The wet soil gives way and he buries his trophy deep until his arms go limp and he collapses next to the twisted wooden thing he has brought along. No one dares to go out to him that night. Continue reading

The Saviour of Survival Horror

Lone Survivor


Tea: Old Camomile I found in a dark corner


Desolate streets, long empty hallways, and only the company of a stuffed cat are the main ingredients of Lone Survivor. We hold, my fellow ghosts of the autumn, a truly hidden gem in our transparent hands. To my complete surprise, Lone Survivor manages exactly what survival horror has been missing for years and all that with minimalist pixel graphics no less. But one ghostly step at a time, let us approach this bit and bit and find out what makes Lone Survivor succeed where so many have failed. Continue reading