The Army has arisen

Bloodstained – Update

Tea: Tomato juice to celebrate

Apologies for being a bit late on this, but I would like to formally congratulate Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Koji Igarashi did not only reach his funding, not that this was ever in doubt. The community of the home-deprived Castlevania fans, new and old alike, have exceeded all expectations. Bloodstained is officially the highest-funded video game Kickstarter in history. What an amazing time to be a fan of this series.

My thanks is to you, Mr Igarashi, and your amazing team as well as all the other teams that will be involved in the various ports of the game. Throughout all the Q&As you had I grew all the more certain that your vision for this game was extraordinary and more than worthy of the support the Army of the Night gave you. I am certain your game will be outstanding when it finally arrives in the distant future.

Some concept gameplay has actually emerged and looks already very classic and atmospheric. The background looks, even in an early stage like that, beautiful and haunting. Miriam is in need of IGA’s trademark jog, though. The music I have heard so far is also a work to behold. Classic Castlevania sounds and with the added orchestral stretch goal I am sure they will make the best of it. Speaking of stretch goals; who would have thought we would unlock all of them? Over 5.5 Million $ and so many achievements. I was eagerly checking the website multiple times a day to see the progress our army had made.

The community around this game is incredibly strong even before its launch. Now we will all work together through feedback and improvements to create the game IGA envisions and the game Castlevania-, no at this point we should stick with our new name: the game Bloodstained-Fans deserve. While the road ahead may be dark we have all proven ourselves more than capable of surmounting any challenge in our way. To all of you I raise my chalice: The night is still young. Let us fight once more, Army of the Night!


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