Turning Fairytales into Horror

Coraline – Neil Gaiman

Tea: Rooibos Ginger

Do you ever feel like there should be a book that can disturb your kids from an early age on? Well, look no further irresponsible parent, because Neil Gaiman has got your back. Just as a quick note: I am talking about the book and not the movie, just so we are all on the same page here. Continue reading


Lego 1984

The Lego Movie

Tea: Coconut Sencha Tea

There was a rather odd conversation I overheard once: People argued whether it was acceptable to make a movie about toys, all the while wearing a Transformers T-Shirt. Ok, not overheard, but read about. Actually hearing people talk about things would require me to go outside and keep me from watching movies like this (have you ever experienced a better introduction to a topic? I think not). Continue reading

The True Story of Captain Martin Walker

An Interpretation of Spec Ops: The Line

Tea: Clean Green Tea

After having stated my broad opinion and its connection to Heart of Darkness the final task that remains is to clear the dust and see the story of Spec Ops as it truly is. It should go without saying, but let me issue another spoiler-warning here: Once again, the plot of Spec Ops in all its glorious details will be discussed and picked apart, turn around now if this is a journey you still wish to take. Continue reading

[Insert mandatory Shovel-pun here]

Shovel Knight

Tea: Easter Bunny Fruit Tea (It was a present, don’t judge me)

Retro-styled games are on the rise and find their way into a lot of different genres these days. It’s nice remembering the past, but can Shovel Knight hold up in this day and age of cutting edge graphics with his pixel-art style and game mechanics from a different era? The people certainly had trust in the project, seeing as this was one of the first successful Kickstarter campaigns. Let’s… ugh… dig in. (Shovel puns are somewhat inevitable) Continue reading

Killing Time

3 Free Online Games

Tea: Ginger-Lemon Fresh Tea (I didn’t pick that name…)

Let’s do something a little different for a change. ‘Free’ games, usually involving some form of payment to make them not so free anymore, are an established form of time-killing. However, every now and then some of them manage to swing themselves over the barriers of mediocrity and actually stand on the shores of the endless grey ocean of repetitive pixel shooters or platformers. The three games I choose are not the peak by any means, but the only ones I played in recent memory. So without further ado, take a big sip and sit down. Continue reading

The game you never played


Tea: Arabic Night

After the surprise-reveal of a Nier sequel, with no final title as of now, I thought it only appropriate to share my thoughts on the first game and why I was and still am so in love with this game. The game, at the time, was something you wouldn’t really know about as it flew so deep under the radar it might as well have been a submarine. Even I only heard about it in one of those “What is coming out next month”-videos. I was intrigued by the odd enemy- and art-design, but the slightly bewildering design choices kept me from immediately ordering it. A few months later I found out that it had severely dropped in price and I had nothing to play anyway, so why the hell not. Continue reading

Dubai’s Heart of Darkness

A Comparison of Spec Ops: The Line and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

Tea: Black tea full of Darkness

Disclaimer: Spoiler-Warning for Spec Ops: The Line and Heart of Darkness, I guess…

Spec Ops: The Line is a truly outstanding game, one that I wish to analyse further. Starting with its relation to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. This novel about the consequences of Imperialism follows the journey of Marlow to find a man named Kurtz who delved deep into the Heart of Darkness of the African jungle and has not returned since. There is an obvious parallel between Colonel Konrad in Spec Ops and Kurtz in Heart of Darkness. Consequently Capt. Walker must be the Marlow of this story then. And for the first 90% of the game this holds true, at least thematically. Walker journeys through Dubai and encounters horror and destruction on his search for the missing Colonel. At the end, however, the game strays far from the novel’s ending. Most notably the missing “The Horror! The Horror!” line that is so iconic for both the novel and its movie adaptation Apocalypse Now. So where exactly are the parallels and differences between the two works? That is what I intend to find out. Continue reading

Trying to make sense of it…

The Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie

Tea: Rooibos Vanilla

Congratulations Mr Rushdie, your work is the first book review on this blog. Have a tea on me. But without further ado, let’s get to the book itself: The Satanic Verses feels at home in the genre of magical realism and makes full use of it. The story is split between Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, both of them are of Indian heritage and have had success in the movie and television industry. Gibreel is a Bollywood star famous for his portrayal of gods and Saladin is a voice actor also known as the man of a thousand voices. The novel intercuts the sections of the two protagonist with dream sequences that supposedly take place in the mind of Gibreel. Continue reading