Pan’s Ups and Downs

Pan’s Labyrinth

Tea: Thyme Fennel Liquorice

I saw Pan’s Labyrinth a few years ago and wasn’t all that impressed with it back then and the fact that it was hyped up like a god-sent movie didn’t help much. Now I thought I’d watch it again with a keener eye and check whether my first impression might have been a hastened judgement. And after sitting through it again I can say that I wasn’t entirely wrong to dislike it, but I see a lot of things different. Let’s check whether this movie deserves its Metacritic score of 98. Continue reading


One Trick Pony with broken Legs

David Levithan – Every Day

Tea: Orange Rooibos Tea

Disclaimer: Spoiler-Warning! You’ll thank me for not having to read it yourself

I have read good books, terrible books, ones that left me unsatisfied, and straight up boring ones. But I was never tempted to throw a book into a furnace as I was with this one. This piece of writing is the ultimate example to illustrate that Amazon-Reviews are never to be trusted and that an interesting concept can be killed off by an incompetent writer. Let’s start digging this grave to bury this mess. Continue reading

Style over Substance

The World Ends with You

Tea: Herb Tea (sick again…)

I am still waiting for my next big game to arrive and only play small chunks of another one. So in the meantime I’d like to talk about a game I already played the hell out of and re-visited to check if it still holds up. Or perhaps my standards have changed so much I cannot endure it anymore. Without further backstory let’s jump into The World Ends with You on the good old DS. Continue reading

Creepy Teatime: Alone



Growing up in the countryside is considered a blessing by many people. The clean air and open area, not boxed in by buildings. A clear sky at night not blinded by the endless lights of the city. You never value the things you have, as did I with my upbringing in the countryside. The big city was the exciting place I longed to visit. No longer just two shops that stored only the same products all the time anyway. Finally food of varying origins and quality and most importantly the anonymity. You see, in the countryside everybody knows everyone. A curse for an antisocial person like myself. You are not able to walk outside your house without some neighbor greeting you and wanting to talk about your school day, how your parents are, or what you are up to. I could not wait for the day I finally moved to the city. In hindsight, I wish I never had. Continue reading

Exceeding Expectations

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition

Tea: Ice cold ginger water (thanks heatwave)

Games about popular movies or movie franchises haven’t exactly been what I would call flawless, or even good for that matter. Be it a good movie or a bad movie, they never really translate well into the game-format, mostly because it is just another cash grab without much work (or souls) put into it. Now we have a Lord of the Rings game that aims to break this cursed cycle and surprise us with its quality by going away from the movies and developing an unwritten part of the Lord of the Rings canon. The question now is: Did they succeed? Short answer: Somewhat, long answer: Continue reading

Do not raid this tomb

Tomb Raider (2013)

Tea: Cactus-fig Cinnamon

After having a streak of bad luck with good games recently I can now finally announce that it is over. Tomb Raider is a mediocre game that I can tear to pieces again. But just to clarify I am talking about the 2013 released game by Crystal Dynamics. Good thing everybody numbers and names their games appropriately so it is easy to tell them all apart. If I had to sum up my opinion about Tomb Raider with one picture it would be this:

look Continue reading