Hit the lever! – The End of Silent Hill(s)

Hit the lever! – The End of Silent Hill(s)

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Silent Hills is cancelled that is nothing new. But in the waking of this cancellation I cannot help, but feel a bit relieved. Not relieved that people didn’t get to make a game they apparently really wanted to, but the fact that the name Silent Hill doesn’t get trodden on again. There are two main points I wish to make here today: 1# All of the creative energy is better spent as far away from Konami as possible. 2# Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima could never make a Silent Hill that could so much as hold a candle to Silent Hill 2. Continue reading


Looting Age: Gardening

Dragon Age Inquisition

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After what seemed like an eternity I finally managed to finish the main questline in Dragon Age Inquisition. I can spoil one thing right off the bat: it is not short. I never actually played a Dragon Age game before, but after lots of shoving and pushing I sat down with this one. How did this monstrous colossus of a game fare? Is it the next step in the evolution of western RPGs or just another copy-paste affair like the million other derivatives of this genre?

Since I was completely new to this game series world I did a bit of preparatory research and found out that there is a website that shows all your decisions in the past games. These can be modified to create a unique scenario for Inquisition. Problem is I don’t know any of these character or political parties so this feature is only attractive for people who have already played the game and want to start with a specific setting. So I settled for the default world scenario and for the record I played a female Qunari mage. A choice I don’t regret, since it gets away from the classic elf, human, dwarf origins you find in every RPG. Continue reading

Creepy Teatime: They Wait in the Rain

They Wait in the Rain

It was 5:15, the alarm goes off and James rubs his eyes. He had been waiting for that alarm since 3 o’clock, but his doctor advised him to stay in bed, otherwise he would never overcome his insomnia. Sadly, this hadn’t been working out for the past nine months. Tired and aching he got out of bed and flicked on the lights. He switched the coffee machine on and the old apparatus jerked to life and made deep gurgling sounds as it heated the limewater and did the best it could to convert it into a drinkable cure against James’ heavy eyelids. The face that greeted him in the mirror was grey and decorated with thick black rings under his eyes. He had seriously considered make-up just to avoid the questions at work. At first his co-workers had just assumed that he had been out late, but since his eyes never looked anything but restless they soon realized it must have other reasons. Then the annoying questions started: Are you alright? Is there something I can do? Hypocritical compassion he could do without. Continue reading

Some Games Never Bend towards the Mainstream

The Cat Lady

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You know that game you disregarded, because it was just another shooter or RPG? Or that game that didn’t live up to the current and inconsistent status quo of graphics? The game that screamed ‘indie’ and in the same breath ‘too indie’. Or maybe just the game you never heard of. Well, The Cat Lady is certainly something that falls in my latter category. But through consistent recommendations I finally dove into this bizarre and grotesque adventure. So here I am today to tell you about a game like no other. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes and the Shattered Mirror – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Poison Known as Truth


The silence filled with expectation after Sherlock’s last statement still echoed in the room. He allowed it to persist for a moment longer, indulging in his superior position, then it was back to work again. Sherlock’s eyes switched rapidly between the members of the police and he finally rested his gaze on Laurence.

“Bring the secretary in, would you.” He made sure his tone wasn’t too demanding.

“Are you sure? Maybe we should interrogate her outside, away from-“

“No, this will do nicely. Bring her in.” Continue reading