The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt (A Bloodborne Tale)


The head of the beast comes off with a wet tearing sound. The victorious hunter breathes heavily, his coat drips with the blood of his prey. His finger still tightly clutch his instrument of death and a faint shaking can be noticed. He lingers in the pool of gore he just created, fear has not yet retracted her bony claws. The first hunt is always the worst. The stench, the sight, and the silence afterwards. Continue reading


Torn between Genius and Insanity

Steve Jobs


Tea: Rooibos Ginger


The creator of your favourite enslaving black squares is portrayed in a movie by the writer of The Social Network. And all of that is directed by Danny Boyle, a man with an amazing track record. This is not a two hour Apple commercial like a certain other movie about this man. This is a depiction of three life instances of a man that was equal (maybe not equal) parts visionary and insane. So let us see whether Steve Jobs can portray this almost historical figure in a new and interesting light or of it inevitable falls apart by the end. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes and the Shattered Mirror – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: In the Spotlight



The most deceptive fact is the obvious one. A mantra Sherlock always kept in mind. Most people would have drawn a false conclusion from the facts about him. Sherlock Holmes was 23 years of age, lived alone in a rented flat in Baker Street. He took the crowded bus full of students every morning to get to university. Yet, Sherlock wasn’t a student. Not that he hadn’t tried to be or lacked the resources. No, there was simply no subject that could hold Sherlock’s interest for longer than a mere two months. Getting all this information filtered through the tired voice of a professor that had to cough up the same bits if trivia every semester had killed his interest in academic courses. That is why, soon after his fifth attempt at sticking with a subject, he took a job at the university library. Now able to get all the information unfiltered through endless hours of reading. Of course, no one in the crowded bus thought twice about his identity and so the conundrum of Sherlock’s circumstances remained unnoticed. Continue reading

Scarier than most horror movies

Look Who’s Back (Er ist wieder da)

Tea: Rooibos Lemon

I am well aware that as of the time of writing this the movie version of Look Who’s Back is not planned to be released anywhere outside Germany and the Netherlands. However, I still want to write about this movie for three reasons: First, the book was an international bestseller and therefore should be well known (I haven’t read it yet). Second, the movie fits into the difficult times in Germany. And third, I just want to voice my opinion about it. With that being said let’s dive into this modern satire. Continue reading