Critical Teatime Awards 2015

Critical Teatime Awards 2015


Tea: Anise Fennel Tea (tastes as good as it sounds…)


Other than simply giving you my Top or Bottom 10, I thought it would be much more fun (and creatively challenging) to present you with some awards for games or companies that have made a big impact this year, be it positive or negative. At the end you will still find my personal Game of the Year, but as always there is not a single quantum of objective fact in this. This list is solely comprised of my personal opinion and should not be seen as anything else. Without further disclaimers, have fun reading about my praising and cursing of the year 2015. Continue reading


The Nostalgia Awakens

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens


Tea: Three-Cinnamon Tea


It is finally here: The next entry in the Star Wars saga that is finally not going to be thrown into the Sarlacc pit of being declared not canon. With the immensely high expectations to live up to, The Force Awakens finds itself in a rather difficult position. No movie franchise has this amount of hype surrounding it and arguably there should not be such a movie franchise. But that is not the main point here. The question is: Does The Force Awakens open up the galaxy for a new era of good movies, or is it the next Phantom Menace to the Saga. The following review does not contain major spoilers, so calm down. I will publish a full spoiler review of the movie later on, but for now everything remains hidden in the shadows. Continue reading

What Makes a Great Boss Fight?

What Makes a Great Boss Fight?


Tea: Christmas Tea


In most games boss fights mark a high point of excitement at the end of an individual level. We love to challenge ourselves with these trials of skill and patience. But while there are truly amazing boss fights out there the vast majority succumbs to a repetitive back and forth with no real unique feeling to it. That is why we shall take a closer look at what makes boss fights great. Continue reading

This Game Fills You with DETERMINATION



Tea: English Breakfast Tea


When the game’s industry has devolved into a fat frog that vomits out the same game with a different colour palette every half year and innovation and creativity have become as rare as a shooter without chest-high walls and regenerating health. Then there sometimes emerges a game that sets itself apart from the grey tedium and outshines even the biggest AAA titles not by production value, but simply by the experience alone. Undertale is this game and even though it might seem to you like I have given away my opinion too early I would still stick around, if only for the delight of getting to know more about one of the best games this year, the last decade and probably (sadly) a lot of years to come. Continue reading

This is how you DLC

Bloodborne – The Old Hunters (DLC)


Tea: Sage Tea


It is a phenomena that a DLC gets released that actually seems worth your money. Mostly the unfinished game gets tossed out onto the market and bit by bit the content follows in the months to come. Bloodborne was and is regarded by me as one of the best games this year. The game felt complete when I first finished it and yet DLC was announced. Naturally I was critical and the high price certainly didn’t help. Usually planned as two separate expansions this DLC could potentially spit on the name Bloodborne has made for itself or contribute to an already amazing game. Let’s see whether this hunt is worth pursuing. Continue reading