A Romance for HER (and him)



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Now that the annual Academy Awards are drawing near, it is time to review some of the old winners, since I now have time to watch them. I usually couldn’t give less about this arbitrary award ceremony or all the pompous glamour associated with it, but if they actually award a good movie it would be cruel not to recognize it as such, simply because it received an Oscar. If anything the category of best original script deserves to be scrutinized. That being said, let’s take a look at the 2014 winner in that category: Her by Spike Jonze. Continue reading


Heavy Breathing – The Movie

The Revenant


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Another year, another potential Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio. And since this joke is so overdone and frankly not funny I will get it out of the way first, so we can judge the movie on a seemingly objective (but in reality absolutely subjective) basis. Leonardo is a great actor, an outstanding one even. You know it, I know it, and the industry knows it (he probably does as well). A shiny naked man is no proof of anything and most of all a symbol of this industry congratulating themselves on their ‘great achievements’. With all the inevitable Leonardo NoOscaro jokes gone let’s take a look at almost three hours of heavy breathing. Continue reading

Undertale is real!

Undertale is not Mimetic


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First of all, this article will spoil Undertale to a degree you may not have thought possible. I strongly advise finishing the game first. You still have time to leave or else you will have a bad time…

Everybody gone? Good, now with that out of the way, here is my theory: Undertale is not trying to mimic any reality, but is the reality of Undertale and the Underground itself. We will go through this step by step. Starting with the basic concept of mimesis. Continue reading

Sin and Virtues



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Why is it that I have to turn to little production with a small cast, if I want solid writing and atmosphere? Can big studios not hire screenwriters that actually have some skill? People might argue that this is not what the masses want, but to that I reply: Who doesn’t like a good story with believable characters you can relate to? Scolding aside, here is a movie I had to turn to, since Star Wars left me wanting in terms of dialogue and likable characters. Calvary it is then. Continue reading

My thoughts on Star Wars Episode VII

Let’s Talk About Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens


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Before everyone starts complaining: Spoiler-Alert! The following article will cover The Force Awakens in its entirety and talk about everything that happens. Therefore, do not read this if you have not seen the movie. Thank you. With that out of the way, I will talk about some things I liked and didn’t like in the new Star Wars movie. Let’s get down to it. Continue reading