Making Shifty Eyes


The Hateful Eight


Tea: Coffee


The 8th movie by Quentin Tarantino has finally been released. After the controversy surrounding the leaked script, the movie can now be watched instead of read. Since Django Unchained showed us that Tarantino can make western cool again, we now find ourselves with another one of them (there are worse fates to be had). Does he run out of ideas or is Hateful Eight worth your time, which will suck almost three hours away like nothing. Here’s my opinion: Continue reading


Gotta catch all the childhood nostalgia!

Pokémon: The First Movie


Tea: Full-Restore


Pokémon was an integral part of my childhood. Be it the anime, the cards, or the games, I loved Pokémon. As a matter of fact, I still love Pokémon to this day, not so much the anime and cards, but the games are still a guaranteed buy upon release. And since Pokémon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, I though it appropriate to dedicate some reviews to the games and movies of Pokémon. Starting with the first feature-length outing of the series: Pokémon: The First Movie. Continue reading

The Dividing Third Act



Tea: Sunlight caught in pure crystal water


It may be a rather old movie, but I recently watched Sunshine for the first time. It should be noted beforehand that I did not know anything about the absolute shitstorm surrounding the third act of this movie. That being said, I went in completely blank and can give you my untainted opinion, only tainted by the ever obscuring ink in the clear water of criticism that is my subjective opinion. Continue reading

Colour, Power, and Determination in Undertale

The Power of colour in Undertale


Tea: Spider Cider made with whole spiders, not just the juice


What? You didn’t really think I was done with Undertale, did you? There is still a lot to talk about and while I will not challenge the big mystery of W.D. Gaster (yet), I have another little bit of theory I would like to discuss. This time it is all about colour, souls, and the ability to change the world. Very basic stuff so to speak. As always: Spoiler-alert for the entirety of Undertale. Go! Leave! Play it! With that out of the way, let’s dive into it. Continue reading