Sherlock Holmes and the Shattered Mirror – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Brotherly Affection



Sherlock slowly and silently unlocked the door to 221 Baker Street and closed it gentle behind himself. The evidence for an unwanted guest was overwhelming even without having seen the light outside. It would have been a mistake to simply rush up there and face the intruder, so Sherlock snuck into his landladies flat. He knew all too well that by this point she would lie passed out on her sofa from her daily fill of alcohol, or “my medicine” as she referred to it. With two target-oriented steps he traversed the dark living room and grabbed her heavy iron poker without making a single sound. He closed his hands firmly around it and left the flat without being noticed. Step by step he cautiously moved up the stairs to not alarm the intruder to his presence, even though he knew all too well who had granted himself access to his flat. Continue reading


The Mystery of W.D. Gaster

An Undertale Theory




It is time for THE mystery of Undertale: The elusive Dr Gaster and his story. While there are a ton of theories, fan art, and really amazing fan-made fights out there, the truth is far from discovered, but I aim to finally lift the fog surrounding this most cryptic figure and all of that based on the content of the game. Incidentally, I do not know where the idea came from that Gaster wears a turtleneck, but literally 90% of fan art depicts him like this. So sorry in advance, I found no evidence for a turtleneck, but what I did found was the truth about the doctor. Please look at the links at the bottom first so that everyone is on the same page. Continue reading

What happened to Video Game cover art?

Remember that magical time when you bought your games based on the cover and the text and pictures on the back? Remember when there was no way of knowing whether the game was even worth a penny? Were those better times? Arguably not, but what was definitely better was the cover art.

I am not one to get nostalgic easily and I am definitely not trying to invoke the spirits of times long past, when game advertisement consisted of a poster in the window at best. Yet, if I have to return to these simpler times, there must be a reason for it and the trigger that set this nostalgia trip off with a mixture of anger and sadness was the Doom cover art. Now Bethesda has apparently been trying to put some pleasing nostalgia water over the fire, but you won’t get away this easily from me. Continue reading

My time on the path

The Witcher III – Wild Hunt


Tea: Assam Tea


After hearing endless praise for the Witcher back last year, I could not help myself and had to get this game that everybody was showering with love and awards. Naturally, I am a bit sceptical if such a large number of people enjoy and recommend something, since the same holds also true for games I cannot stand for the life of me (*cough* Five Nights a Freddy’s *cough*). And after being initially scared by the game’s seemingly infinite length, I sat down and started playing it and while I may not have completed every side quest, I did finish the main story and think I have a pretty good idea of the game’s content, strengths, and weaknesses. Let’s see whether the Witcher can live up to his name. Continue reading

Pokemon and I

Pokémon and I


Tea: Hot Chocolate


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, I deemed it fitting to look back and see what impact this series had on me personally. For many people, Pokémon has been an important part of their lives and it stands as a testimony not only to the greatness of this series, but for the impact video games can have. Continue reading