The Marvel Singularity

The Marvel Singularity


Tea: Hibiscus


After the recent disaster that was Batman v Superman, which I wholeheartedly admit to not having seen, I still wondered why such a big budget film could fail in such a drastic way, since the trailer didn’t seem any worse (or different for that matter) from all the other endless representatives of superhero movies. So I looked into the matter, read reviews, critiques, and improvement suggestions and here is my humble result with a bleak outlook. Continue reading


The Aesthetics of Excess in Bayonetta

An Analysis of Bayonetta


Tea: 5 Litres of black Assam Tea


Bayonetta is not only a stand-out character-action game, but also a tightly crafted experience. The game is, on a basic level, fun and over-the-top, yet there are clever decisions behind the game’s set-up and aesthetic choices that instil this feeling. What I am talking about is excess. The entirety of Bayonetta is a constant climax (puns inside and outside of the game wholeheartedly intended) that constantly keeps outplaying itself. How this is achieved in detail is what follows. Continue reading

The Graphics Showecase that became a Demo

Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo – Impressions


Tea: Ginger-Cardamom


A game with a development history like Final Fantasy XV sure doesn’t seem like the safest bet. I remember being a child when I first saw the dark and somewhat melancholic trailer for, as it was at the time called, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Fast-forward to the year 2016 and we may finally be able to play this game, albeit be it far less dark and melancholic and more loaded with bromance, but at least the black clothing stayed. As a little teaser Square Enix has kindly granted us a tiny dream chapter to get a feeling for the game and that is what we are looking at today. Continue reading