Stephen King X Twin Peaks – The Video Game

Alan Wake


Tea: Rooibos Tea


Dead tree branches swinging in the wind, a wave of darkness flooding the forest with its unrelenting torrent. Flickering lights in the distance promise a safe haven still out of reach. A cautious step into the familiar yet foreign lands reveals the extent of the power the malicious dark presence holds. Shadowy reflections of their former selves are born into existence and relentlessly rush at the writer. The only way to fight the dark is with light.

Alan Wake developed by Finish developer Remedy had my interest for the entire duration of its frankly ridiculously long development cycle. Sadly, I did not own an Xbox at the time, but Alan Wake would have been THE game for which I might have bought the thing. Now, a few years later, I actually had the chance to play my anticipated horror title, sorry: “Psychological Action Thriller”. That my expectations were high would be an understatement, so poor Alan had the bad luck of being confronted with even more unrealisable standards than usually. Could Alan Wake achieve the impossible and still live up to expectations somehow? Continue reading


A Line

Before you start:

The following text uses various symbols, colours, fonts and other means of expression that I simply could not display properly within WordPress. Due to that, this piece of writing is in picture form. I apologise for any inconvenience or difficulties regarding the readability of this text, but it was the only solution. Now enjoy reading:

ceci n’est pas un texte

– Mr Teatime Continue reading

The Fire Has Faded

Dark Souls 3


Tea: Stale Estus


Writing a review about a game as massive in scale as Dark Souls III seems rather difficult, but after having spent a lot of time, I feel confident enough to write down my thoughts and feelings about the (probably) last Souls game. As a note: I have only played the PvE content. PvP never interested me as much and even though I know that it is the most vital part to many players I lack a bit of interest in the department of getting 4v1-ed and forcing others to endure my internet connection. With this in mind, I’d like to invite you to my little tour through Lothric with a lot less death on the way as expected. Continue reading