A Line

Before you start:

The following text uses various symbols, colours, fonts and other means of expression that I simply could not display properly within WordPress. Due to that, this piece of writing is in picture form. I apologise for any inconvenience or difficulties regarding the readability of this text, but it was the only solution. Now enjoy reading:

ceci n’est pas un texte

– Mr Teatime

A line pciture version


2 thoughts on “A Line

  1. An impressive and ingenious piece of writing that sheds a new light on a gamer-protagonist-relation that isn´t usually questioned. I really enjoyed riddling which games where hidden within the text. It is due to this whole gaming-topic (and the use of different languages), however, that it will only be accessible to a very restricted audience, unfortunately. On the other hand, this fact makes it all the more exclusive and enjoyable to read when you love video games.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’d like to see it as a love letter to video games, but it is just as much a playing around with the text medium, of course linked to video games themselves. Adapting one medium into another is always interesting, since it lays bare the limits of both the adapted medium as well as the boundaries of the form you chose to translate it into.


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