The First Dance of the Night

Bloodstained – Ritual of the Night: Demo Impressions


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Being a proud backer of Koji Igarashi’s spiritual Castlevania (wait, that term is forever tainted by a vile company, so let’s go with) Igavania successor, I was able to play the E3 demo comfortably at home without having to leave the country. With the shadow of Mighty No. 9’s disastrous release hanging over Kickstarter games now and with Bloodstained inhabiting a similar position (being developed by the creator of said series, being a 2D side-scroller, and being funded by the fans) there is a lot of doubt about whether Bloodstained will turn out the same. So it is a smart move to put this demo out now and show everyone what direction this game is headed. Is this direction set towards another glorious night of battle or will sunlight break the illusion of nostalgia all too soon? Continue reading


The Gordon Ramsay of Drumming



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A movie with three Oscars lies on the slaughtering block today. And while I am sharpening my knives, I should let you know that I am not that big of a music person. I like music a lot, but cannot work with notes, tempo etc. for the life of me. So whether Whiplash is realistic in terms of musical performance and accuracy is something I cannot and will not cover and aside from my inability to hear a difference in certain pieces it is simply not my main point of interest. There is “plot” written on my knife and the other is labelled as “characters” and those are quite enough for my taste. Continue reading

Panopticism in The Tomorrow Children

Panopticism in The Tomorrow Children


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After recently playing the Beta for The Tomorrow Children, I kept thinking about the game’s use of visibility of other players and the possible reasons behind this choice. This article will focus on just that. I will look into this choice of game mechanic while using the theory of Panopticism which I will explain beforehand so everyone is on the same page. In doing so I hope to explain why the choice of player visibility is an ingenious move on the developer’s part even though at first glance it might strike you as odd. Continue reading

Calling all Comrades!

The Tomorrow Children – Open Beta Impressions


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Welcome to the void, tovarich. Our glorious motherland requires your help and the help of every other citizen. Resources must be excavated and defenses against the vile capitalists, I mean chrome Godzilla monster, constructed. Gather your tools and do not forget to bring a light, otherwise the darkness will swallow you whole. We are all working together here. Set out into the vast emptiness in front of you and do you duty, tovarich. For our nation and everyone in it. Continue reading