Back on the Path

Witcher 3 – Hearts of Stone DLC


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While I am well aware that the first Witcher DLC Hearts of Stone has been out for quite some time and the second one has already rolled out as well, I took a long time to finish the main campaign plus a lot of the side missions. But gladly I now returned to the path along with my trusted companion Roach for another round of witchering. With a stellar main game that I still recommend whole-heartedly as a standout experience among grey fantasy rpgs, Hearts of Stone has some big Mastercrafted Feline Boots to fill. Is Geralt up for the task or will my heart be turned to stone for this one? (Forgive that last pun) Continue reading


Pokémon Go and the Sanctity of Space

Pokémon Go and the Sanctity of Space


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With Pokémon Go’s steady advances to submit the world to its reign territory by territory, a few issues have arisen as is always the case with big global phenomena taking over. If you are wondering whether your loyal Mr Teatime has been subjected to the power regime of “Catching them all”, then no, he hasn’t. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he has an old Blackberry that cannot run the game for the life of it. Personal inner growing hatred aside, there have been some rather interesting cases of Pokémon making an appearance and a public outcry about it and that is why we will dissect them today. Continue reading

“Liebster Award”

“Liebster Award”


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After being nominated for an award I was not aware of existing, I find myself in the position of having to answer some questions, pose new ones, and force them upon others. All of that sound rather negative now, but anything does, if the words drip from my hateful feather onto the screen. The idea behind the award is not a bad one, to get to know more blogs that might share your enthusiasm for games. Yet I find this weird chain-like rule structure to be uncomfortably binding around the wrist. So in true free will fashion I will mould this award into something I deem acceptable and cut out everything I don’t like, basically. I was nominated by Gamingpicks whom I thank at this point, since I felt both surprised and honoured. Without further ado, let’s answer some questions: Continue reading

The Multiple No-Sense Theory

Bioshock Infinite


Tea: Rooibos Ginger


Does anyone still remember Bioshock Infinite? Everyone should know the first instalment of the series, namely Bioshock, by now. The utopia built underwater with a bit of a substance abuse problem and the game most used for obnoxious and pretentious “Top 10 Twists in Video Games”. Bioshock Infinite made a big splash of its own with reviewers left and right praising the storytelling and characterization. Thankfully, this is exactly my domain and I am here to show all hollow reviewers how utterly wrong they are while at the same time magically boasting my ego. While it has been out for quite some time, the game still enjoys and air of praise hovering around it, but a stagnant odor stems from the disc when inserted into your console. Let’s take to the skies and explore Columbia. Continue reading

Only Four Minutes Worth Watching

Four Minutes (Vier Minuten)


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After covering a music-centred movie recently, I thought I’d take on something completely different, namely a movie focused on music, but this time it is piano music that takes centre stage instead of drums, so yeah, completely different affair if you ask me. Four Minutes (even though I constantly want to say Eleven Minutes, like that Paulo Coelho book.) was recommended to me and seeing the vast number of prizes it had earned lined up neatly on the cover, I went in half expecting a decent movie and the other half waiting for the Arthouse-bomb to drop. And after the first minutes passed by without any dialogue happening and only vague and badly shot imagery dragged itself across the screen, I knew what I was in for. Continue reading