The Dance of Ambiguity



Tea: Oddly tasty cubes inside an ever-changing glass


With my love for indie games that veer off the beaten path of games these days, I had set my eyes on Bound for a long time. An artsy indie platformer with a ballerina theme and a world design inspired by Bauhaus architecture had me more than excited. A comparison to Journey would be easy but ultimately unjustified as these two games are drastically different. Every game is judged by itself and not in regard to any other. Therefore, let us dance along the abstract shore of the broken world of Bound and discover a hidden gem of fall into the cubicle sea. Continue reading


Mr Teatime visits the Gamescom 2016

Mr Teatime visits the Gamescom 2016


Tea: Sencha Mango


With a huge game event in my country, I simply had to visit the Gamescom this year after not having done so all the years prior. Though the fear of the masses of people had originally terrified me, I am pleased to say that they were not as numerous as I originally expected, in return though the event sure as hell was a lot louder than I had thought. Ubisoft really doesn’t like people’s eardrums it would seem. Anyway, I visited and played a lot of game and the following lines include my highlight. Take note, however, that I was far more interested in seeing a lot of things rather than playing them and I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait two hours or more in line to play a game like For Honor or Battlefield 1. I watched and sometimes tried what peaked my interest. I will try to link trailers or any other material in the title of each section, so make sure to click on those. Now let me tell what those special few were: Continue reading


Suicide Squad


Tea: Rooibos Sea Buckthorn


Being the masochist I am, I watched Suicide Squad yesterday and before I get into this movie, let me tell you that I am neither a fan of the comics nor of any specific character, since so many seem to idolise Harley Quinn these days. I went into this movie to be entertained, I did not expect another Dark Knight, but at least an entertaining experience. Was this delivered? Hell no! This movie is a glorious mess from start to finish and now let me show you why. Continue reading

Pokémon Go Teams as Imagined Communities

Pokémon Go Teams as Imagined Communities


Tea: Chocolate Ginger Tea


It is safe to say that Pokémon Go has changed the world at least for a short amount of time. When a not to be further specified presidential candidate has puns about the game forced into his (or should I say her) speech then it is to be assumed that the game has a wide enough reach and popularity to be weaponise properly. I, for one, am, of course, far more interested in the cultural aspect than any potential vote-increase I could hope to attain from a sentence like: “Pokémon Go to the polls.” When you stopped shivering from the immense wincing you are sure to have experience just now, you can now enjoy reading about the idea of Pokémon Go Teams as imagined communities as defined by Benedict Anderson. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Trilogy v Superhero Movies – Dawn of Hatred

The Dark Knight Trilogy v Superhero Movies – Dawn of Hatred


Tea: Aniseed-Fennel Tea


Often I rightfully accuse superhero movies of being as lacklustre in content as McDonald’s meals are in nutrients. Yet, there are superhero movies I actually like, three in fact: Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is a superb series of movies and while I will not analyse them here and now (but maybe in the future), I want to examine what sets these movies apart in respect to the garbage that floods the cinemas these days. Continue reading