Harry Potter and the Beating of the Dead Horse

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Tea: Date Chocolate Tea


Well isn’t this a change of pace. This week I am covering a book and not just any book: the eighth Harry Potter book, though calling it that is a bit misleading. Should the whole thing have sailed right by you, the latest chapter in the series is a play and only the script is available for purchase. Seeing as I grew up with the books and movies about a power-hungry adult struggling to kill three teenagers with a lot of magic sprinkled in between, I, of course, had to read the next words that have found their way on J.K. Rowling’s paper. Since a comparison between a book and a script seems unfavourable as it is unflattering to the latter, the only thing I am going to judge it on is the plot. Now return to Hogwarts with me where things have not changed much. Continue reading


The Silent Hills Have Eyes

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard – Beginning Hour (Twilight Version)


Tea: Ceylon Tea


Not being the biggest fan of zombie games and badly cliché-infested dialogue, I have stayed away from the Resident Evil series so far. Yet, the first trailer of the new Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard had me oddly intrigued. The P.T.-inspired strategy of releasing a playable teaser of the game before the major announcement showed confidence in the utter abandonment of the series roots, which usually are firmly planted in the soil of third person and shooter. The new growing monstrosity will have to get accustomed to the strange new first person soil and the combat is absent so far. Therefore, I had to delve into this daring new direction of the series and thus played the recently updated version of the demo. Continue reading

The Abominable Fanservice

Sherlock – The Abominable Bride


Tea: Date Chocolate Tea


Since Sherlock’s seasons are stretched so far apart you will tell your grandchildren that season five will come out some day and they will roll their eyeballs and leave you to your senile dreaming, the writers of the show gave fans a little treat with an intermezzo of the special sort: a Victorian style Christmas special that takes the beloved sleuth back to his literary roots. However, if there is one thing in the Sherlock Holmes canon we have enough of, it is Victorian themed shows, movies and books. So what does the BBC version bring to the table and can it surprise Sherlock fans even in the most oversaturated setting possible? Continue reading

At the End of the Path

Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine


Tea: Not going to go for Blood or Wine, but rather an Enhanced Swallow


One last time we return to the world of Geralt and his ambitions to become the world’s deadliest ballerina. This time, a whole new region bows before Geralt’s unyielding will to discover every single weapon and amour diagram within it, namely Toussaint, a Mediterranean region full of wine and blood, as the title might imply. Will Geralt send us off with a smile on our faces and tears in the eyes, or will T.S. Eliot’s poem also apply to the Witcher: “This is how the Witcher ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.” Time to dive in and find out. Continue reading