For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

The Intricacies of Horror


Tea: Pumpkin Juice


A happy Halloween to all my beloved readers! The dark season is finally upon us and we have to make sure all the evil spirits are scared away, thus we have to play some truly scary games, watch frightening movies, and read horrifying books. Over the last month I have recommend some pieces of media to you, if you are looking for something chilling. Today, however, we take a close look at what makes good horror tick. Don’t worry, there will still be some recommendations buried among the word-corpses of this article. Turn off the lights, snuggle up under a blanket, because the most horrifying thing yet is about to come: Theory! Continue reading


It Follows (Old Horror Tropes)

It Follows


Tea: Rooibos Mango


The night of horror is already looming on the horizon. The month is almost through but I still have some candy for you. With modern horror movies often taking a jump scare based approach, it is exciting to see a film taking cues from classics. It Follows owes a lot to the likes of Carpenter and other masters of the genre. The movie got quite a bit of positive press after its release, but since this is no indication of quality in any way, let’s take a little peek and decide whether we want to follow this movie, or if we can escape bad horror no matter how hard we try. Continue reading

Horror Lurking on the Next Page

Junji Ito – Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror


Tea: Camomile


This is a first time, isn’t it? The first review of a manga. But in search for something truly terrifying I did not stop at games, movies, or books. It should be said first that the title is, of course, in no relation to a particular drawn-out series about a ninja wearing orange. Ito has made a name for himself as a master of horror with lots of chapters and series. One of which happens to lie before me now. The question now is whether this work can convince on an artistic level, as well as a horror one. Let us follow the spiral to its end and see whether Ito can truly scare us. Continue reading

Interlude: Weakspots

Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo – Impressions


Tea: Sencha


So Pokémon is kind of spooky right? There is a moon on the cover and one of the Pokémon is a scary bat, so… Ahh to hell with it, I love Pokémon and really want to talk about this demo. View this as a little interplay between the horrors of October and a short time to catch your breath before the frights return. That being cleared, the special demo of Sun and Moon hit this week and with it the leak of the entire Pokédex, which I will not discuss as I aim to play the game unspoiled. So set your sails for a first glimpse into the new region: Alola. Continue reading

They don’t make them like they used to

Ring (Ringu 1998 Japan)


Tea: Lemongrass


I promised you something scary, didn’t I? And I promised something that does not achieve horror through the use of jump scares and loud noises. Well, I might have just found what you and I were looking for. While I am aware that some (or rather most) people will be familiar with Ring through the American remake, it is the Japanese original we are looking at today. If Hollywood remakes are to serve as any kind of indication, the original will be far better developed and less of a writing mess than the atrocities known as American versions. So let’s see whether Ring (or Ringu) can bring the scares I have longed for. Oh, and do recall what a VHS tape is, before we start, it is kind of important. Continue reading

Can you Outlast the Boredom?

Outlast 2 Demo – Impression


Tea: Fennel Tea


Outlast was a horror sensation a lot of people enjoyed and I didn’t very much. Now the demo for the second game found its way onto the PSN store and I thought I’d give Outlast a second chance. A new setting with a stronger occult element does show the developers aim to move the series into new directions instead of rehashing the first game at the very least. So let’s see whether Outlast can be redeemed or whether I have to crucify it upside down. Continue reading

The Clichés in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods


Tea: Mango Sencha


With so many horror movies these days being either found-footage (meaning shite) or remakes of old classics, which never needed to be remade, it is hard to find anything that has the odour of originality around it. In my search for something to feed to the hungry zombies that are my horror curiosity, I stumbled upon The Cabin in the Woods and the people sitting around it and praising it as the next big step in horror. So I got it and even the box proclaimed it as “intelligent horror that turns the genre on its head”. Let’s see whether or not this bold statement can hold up. Continue reading

Welcome to Fright Night

Fright Night


Tea: Almond Date Tea


Welcome, children of the night, to the start of Mr Spooky Teatime’s October horror festival extraordinaire. Once again we gather around the lit Jack o’ Lanterns for some scary experiences. October will be swarmed with ghost and ghouls so expect to greet your skeleton soon as it will jump out your skin. We start the celebration of the Celtic Samhain with the remake of the 1985 horror classic Fright Night. Now the night of frights boasts a new look, rewritten plot and a stronger humorous undertone. While not a fan of remakes in general, I was still intrigued by Fright Night’s trailer. Follow me into the dark basement and grab some pumpkin flavoured tea and let us begin the banquet of blood. Continue reading