The Joy of Falling

Gravity Rush Remastered


Tea: Oriental Rooibos


“Falling’s just like flying except there is a more permanent destination.” Is what Jim Moriarty once told Sherlock on the TV series of the same name, however, Gravity Rush aims to defy him with gravity shifting gameplay which doesn’t give a toss about any permanent destination. With the second instalment on the horizon, I took a trip to Hekseville to see if this game can soar through the heavens or whether it will plummet to the ground like a dead consulting detective. Continue reading


Misty day, remains of the Judgement

Misty day, remains of the Judgement

The blades of sunlight are safely kept behind bars and the day is may hold piece. Still, I can hear the flies crawling around with buzzing sounds they take to the skies. Wings made of steel and leather raise them far above the clouds. The dead flies stick to the walls forming a giant graveyard and ineffective deterrent. The odour of the rotting sun chokes me uncomfortably and yet I won’t move, I can’t move. The safe and warm neon-light is too far away, tucked away in the white room, and the desert between me and this sanctuary would cost me all my water reserves. Oh, how I wish the walls would start closing in on me. Continue reading

Dinner is served

Hannibal Season 1


Tea: A nice Chianti (just kidding, it was ginger tea)


After having the first season of Hannibal on my watch list for ages, I finally finished it recently. Being a fan of the movies with Anthony Hopkins around the same character, I was sceptical whether a revision of this story could work and especially whether another actor could ever portray Hannibal Lecter. Yet since I will not compare the two interpretations of the source material, the question has to be whether Hannibal is a good series on its own and not whether it can carry the heavy legacy the name Lecter bears. Take a seat, grab a glass of wine (tea, of course), s dinner is ready to be served. Continue reading