Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away…

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story


Tea: Sencha Almond


With Christmas behind us and a new year beckoning on the horizon, there are still a lot of games and movies to clean off the floor of my inner mind. Before Christmas, I managed to squeeze into a theatre and see the first of the surely endless Star Wars spin-offs, namely Rogue One. My liking of Episode VII is well documented and thus I went with fairly high hopes into Rogue One, expecting another solid nostalgia trip with the occasional chuckle. Take a short trip with me across the stars to find out whether this far away galaxy is worth visiting in between the big movies. Continue reading


A Kingdom Hearts Christmas Reflection

The Magic of Kingdom Hearts


Tea: That awful Christmas Blend


Christmas time is always filled with magic and nostalgia. Memories of holidays long past may return to one while sitting next to loved ones and a nicely decorated Christmas tree. The smell of the food alone may open the floodgates of childhood memories. Not that I would know, of course, I spent my life buried in books and games, never ceasing to consume one or the other in a gluttonous and very un-Christian kind of way. Joking (or nor joking) aside, I often have to think about the Kingdom Hearts series when Christmas draws near. Not that I got the first game this way or anything like that, I assume it is the magic of a childish mind that links these two. Looking at the game from a distance, one could reasonably wonder why such an aesthetic mish-mash could ever gather such a great following. Return thus with me to my childhood, to find out why the aesthetics of Kingdom Hearts do not obstruct but rather further the game’s central message (yes, those are exactly the things I did in my childhood). Continue reading

“You’re a gamer, right?”

Let It Die – First Impressions


Tea: Raspberry


Today’s article is one still in the making just like the game it covers. Let It Die is currently free to play and will still be updated with further content as we climb the Tower of Barbs further and further. But since some may be interested in this game, I thought my opinion on the first roughly 10 hours would be appreciated. Take note that this is not in any way my final verdict, but merely a short glimpse. With that out of the way, let’s murder some people. Continue reading

Self-Flagellation: The Game

Lords of the Fallen


Tea: Extra strong Sencha (I really needed it for this)


Oh boy, here we are. Lords of the Fallen was, as you may have noticed yourself, a free PSN game recently and thus I was not spared the pleasure of playing this… project. While I was familiar with the name, Lords never aroused my interest due to its art direction and back then I was aware of its blatant connection and “inspiration” by Dark Souls. Being the fan of the more sinister essence of the self – The Game, I jumped into Lords of the Fallen to test the depth. Now I am back with broken legs and a mouth full of sludge to recount my experience. Continue reading

Time-Death List: 3 Free Games

3 Free Online Games


Tea: Autumn Assai Tea


We can all use a bit of diversion every now and again. Sometimes games do not need to span 50+ hours but rather 10+ minutes. That is why I have a second list of game recommendation for short games which are loads of fun and do something very good, or something new. So before Christmas unloads its cart full of seemingly endless RPGs and infinitely playable online games, let me show you three little games to spend a few minutes with and you will not regret it, I assure you. Continue reading