Time-Death List: 3 Free Games

3 Free Online Games


Tea: Autumn Assai Tea


We can all use a bit of diversion every now and again. Sometimes games do not need to span 50+ hours but rather 10+ minutes. That is why I have a second list of game recommendation for short games which are loads of fun and do something very good, or something new. So before Christmas unloads its cart full of seemingly endless RPGs and infinitely playable online games, let me show you three little games to spend a few minutes with and you will not regret it, I assure you.

  1. The Gentleman (Soul Game)

A gentleman is a truly rare thing these days, at least adhering to the old standards. This fun little platformer aims to teach one gentleman lesson per level until you can call yourself such. The levels display their objective blatantly in the form of doors, yet the lesson involved to learn this level is always hidden in the subtitle. It ranges from timing your moves in a very classic platformer sense to thinking outside the box and having fun with the medium itself. It is a charming little game which may not re-invent the platformer, but at least breathes some life into it. I had a smile on my face the entire time an if this sounds like something you would enjoy, you cannot go wrong with The Gentleman.


– Art-direction is quite alright as well. –

  1. Armed with Wings (1-3)

This series has been going quite a while and since I recently remembered it and found out that there was a third game, I thought I’d best talk about it. The story follows a different protagonist each time and I will not spoil who, suffice it to say the art style does not represent the moral of the story. The stark black and white style is one of the unique selling points and really gives the game its own soul. One of the best things about this series is the progress you can observe with each game. This does not mean the first one isn’t great, but you can clearly see how they improve each time, be it gameplay-, art-, or story-wise. The writing can be a bit cheesy and overly dark and edgy, but the game itself smoothes out these wrinkles. The side scrolling beat-em-up gameplay is interrupted by brief puzzle sections. Enemies are variant and bosses will truly test your skills. The game is not without flaws, however, since the one thing that annoyed me from the start is still slightly present and that is floaty-slide walking. Nonetheless the game is a fun experience and a great example of improving upon a solid basis.


– This shows the first gam and you can see the difference by the third one. –

  1. Cursed Treasure (Everything you can find, everything!)

Confession time: I have spent hours in these games. Cursed Treasure 1+2 and the level packs are my secret addiction. They are tower defence games done right. Incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. Add a levelling system to the mix which feels rewarding for every upgrade and you got one of my dream games. Your task is to defend the gems which are usually located at the end of a path from being carried off-screen. Your only tool are three kinds of towers with varying upgrade paths. Orc towers shot fast but weak, yet can be upgraded to shot huge bolts, but thus they lose their speed. Crypts are chilling nightmare factories which shoot spells (or ice, if you upgrade it) and can frighten your enemies. Demon towers have a steady stream of infernal agony aimed directly at the unlucky by-passers and given the proper upgrade, they can truly raise hell. Every upgrade for a certain tower does not only grant you the upgrade, but also increases one aspect of this tower percentage-wise, e.g. the more upgrades the greater the range of the crypt. Magic also makes an appearance and can truly help you out. You can make space for towers where you could not build before, increase the fire-rate for a brief time, or rain meteors upon your enemies (a good last measure). After each map, you are rated based on how you faired. The best score goes to those who let no enemies even touch their gems and I have striven for this rating on every map, since it is so much fun. But my love is not unjustified, since this game holds up really well in regards to game design. It successfully combines the slow methodical planning during the tower building phase and adds tension during the actual encounter, through the magic system you have a limited control over what is happening and that is the genius part. Magic regenerates over time and planning is crucial. Will you bomb these monsters now, even though your towers will take them out on their way back thus losing the rating but keeping your magic or will you save it for the boss? The maps are designed equally well, with a steady difficulty curve which puts the best rating always just out of reach for you to become frustrated, but not too much that it would risk you quitting. The game is exciting and holds hours upon hours of content. I love it a lot and hope you will at least take a peek at it.


– Not the setup I would have used, I rely heavily on crypts, those little chilling frighters. –

So, there you have it, three of my favourite little time sinks (again). If you have any recommendations for me to try out, feel free to let me know. I am always eager to discover new little gems out there. And now I must once again retire to torturing myself with that Lords of the Fallen critique. Help me…



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