“This is tedious.” Reynardo said.

Stories. The Path of Destinies


Tea: Cinnamon Thyme Tea


For me, the games offered by PS+ are often something to expand my horizon. They more often than not feature games I have never heard of, which is a good thing most of the time. I never would have checked out Letter Quest, but now I am really into it. I wish I never had delved into Lords of the Fallen, but now I have scars to show why this assumption was completely justified. Therefore, whenever a game comes along that looks neither amazing nor terrible, I always hope I just stumbled upon a rough diamond. The question is whether Stories: The Path of Destinies is a that sort of diamond or just a cheap glass imitation, ready to crack under the first signs of pressure. Continue reading


Co-Op Cooking Games – A rare medium well done



Tea: Cinnamon Herb Tea


Saving the world is as common to the life of a video gamer as chopping onions is to a cook, then why not combine both of these somewhat average experiences and turn them into something new and exciting and on top of that make it enjoyable with other people. Overcooked may look simplistic in its design, but beneath the outer layer lies a game with a love for detail, an amazingly fun co-op experience, and a lesson in effective aesthetic design. Continue reading

Cars Doing Bayonetta Stuff

Transformers Devastation


Tea: Chocolate Black Pepper Tea


Neither am I a fan of the Transformers movies or the old TV show. I am, however, a fan of Platinum Games and their distinct style. So, when the game in the title was free on PS+, I thought I should give it a shot even if the source material was not to my liking. Therefore, I apologise in advance, but the story was beyond my comprehension and interest. Too much vocabulary I could not be bothered to look up. With excuses out of the way, let’s see whether the reason I dived into someone else’s nostalgia was worth it. Continue reading