Something resembling an update of sorts

Something resembling an update of sorts


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Critical Teatime is almost 2 years old and do not worry, this is not a sentimental outburst of any kind. Rather, I have been thinking about my content, the content others produce, and how I want to position myself within this fought over space. Blog culture is an interesting one, but also a form that grows stale rather fast. To prevent myself from becoming formulaic, I want to shift the focus of my work. Continue reading


The Tragic Humanity of NieR Automata

The Tragic Humanity of NieR Automata


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Of course, I have to write something about the masterpiece that is NieR Automata. That being said, you, you know what follows: Massive Spoilerwarning! If you have not finished the game, you are not allowed to read any further. If you do not plan on playing the game: Plan to play the game and leave now. Nobody who has not experienced Ending E should read any further. Now that this annoying little necessity is out of the way, I can fully turn my attention to the topic at hand: The concept of humanity in NieR Automata. Continue reading

Beware of Papercuts

Tearaway Unfolded

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With phantom thieves banging on my window to start playing their game already, I cut out some time to make a little bit of space for Tearaway Unfolded. In hindsight, I couldn’t even tell you why. Partially because it was free and the remaining portion is due to a podcast backlog I have to work through and this seemed like the kind of game to do that. So before I can finally enjoy approximately 100 hours of typical Japanese highschool life, take a quick dive into the paper crafted world of Tearaway and prepare for some nasty papercuts. Continue reading

Falling to new heights

The Fall

Tea: Peppermint

Not every game has a place cut out for it. Sometimes certain elements are lacking to satisfy the palate of the general consumer, or a game is simply released at the wrong time and has to face the towering competition of other titles. When one of these titles soon to drown in the now sluggish swamp of oblivion has won several awards for the best story in the medium, I, of course, grow interested and this is how I ended up playing The Fall by Over the Moon Games. With my nerves still echoing with the tingling sensation of NieR Automata, it was nice to find a title that strikes a similar tone this soon and thus I began the short journey of A.R.I.D. Continue reading