Turning Words into Gameplay

Typoman Revised and Type:Rider


Tea: Sencha Ginger


Remember my visit to Gamescom 2016? I mentioned a game called Typoman, which I praised and could not wait to play. Recently, I finally had the pleasure of doing so and was immensely satisfied. I also played a game called Type:Rider which is overtly concerned with a similar theme, namely language and words, in this case the focus is more on the written word and its history, however. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit about both games and how one fails where the other succeeds.

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Far from any road

Far from any road


Beyond the curtains of my tiny room, I can see the town still enveloped in fog. Nobody is outside. Nobody is allowed outside. It was one of the first rules we set up after seven of us died during the first decent of fog. While I wait, I do what everybody would do. I read, I check my body for holes, I get bored, I repeat. Around noon the fog is finally gone and I can take my first step outside for the day. My joints still feel rusty which I should probably take care of at some point. Only slowly do the others emerge from their homes. Small eyes peeking out the door, reluctant hands grasping for something they hope is no longer there. I walk faster now, never leaving the wooden planks we call road. “Never step off as long as the ground is still wet after fog or rain or else you might lose a leg.” Another rule we made, not the second one, but among the first ten. I pick up a small part, an SD card if I am not mistaken. It must belong to Janice, she had a habit of losing it. Continue reading

Critic’s Choice Award

Critic’s Choice Award


The squeaking sound of rubber gloves danced on the keyboard as he carved word after word into the digital document. A cold dispassion filled both him and his writing as he tried to word disgust with a sense of elegance and chic. The premier had been far too crowded which had already rubbed him up the wrong way and the actual “experience” hadn’t been much better. Frustrated, he pounded the desk and regreted it seconds later. “Cliched and overacted” is what he would have written about this outburst. Continue reading

Atrocious Art Design – Darksiders Series

Atrocious Art Design – Darksiders Series


Tea: Vanilla Black Pepper Tea (goes together a lot better than you’d think)


Remember last week when I mentioned the amazing minimalistic art design in 999? Well, it was all a clairvoyant taste of this week’s article made possible by the release of Darksiders 3’s footage. You don’t believe me now, do you? You have every right, but as a matter of fact it is a welcome opportunity to talk about art design in games and the absolute abomination that is the Darksiders series in this regard. And I might as well kill any hype for Darksiders 3 in the same breath as it looks to be the worst offender yet.

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Handling Multiple Playthroughs – 999 Zero Escape

Handling Multiple Playthroughs – 999 Zero Escape


Tea: Assam


– Spoiler Warning for 999 –

The Zero Escape series is one of those always-on-your-list-but-never-quite-getting-around-to-actually-playing-them type of affairs. Recently, I finally played through the entirety of the first title 999 (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors) and was left with a generally amazing feeling. One of the best parts, however, was the handling of multiple playthroughs, especially in a puzzle game, something seemingly dull the second time around. That is why today’s essay is about the construction of branching narratives within multiple playthroughs.

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