Cold Steel Coffin – Act One (Part 1)

Cold Steel Coffin

By Steffen Donath


Act One

Scene One

Dark stage. Sound of nails hammered into wood eight times. Light from top left on the far right of the stage. The now illuminated half of the stage shows a rundown apartment and a young boy slouched in a chair. His knuckles are bloody. He wakes.

(looks around)

(gets up and touches his knuckles, he grimaces slightly at the touch)

(paces nervously up and down the room, leaving the light and re-entering numerous times)

(he returns with a picture frame in his hand, the glass is shattered)

Adam: (to picture) One more and I swear to you it will be the last.

I followed the rules. Did the ten fucking steps, I have gone through a hundred of them by now.

He alone knows my fucking virtue! (throws picture against the wall)

Fuck! You said so yourself!

“When I am no longer here” my fucking arse!

It doesn’t work. You lied! You fucking lied!

(change in posture, becomes slouched)

I-I-I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to… Did I… hurt you? (gently picks up picture, caresses it)

See what it does to me? One pulling left, the other right? They think me a fucking psycho now. (points at audience)

No, no, you always said so yourself, I can do this. (looks for something on the ground, drops to his knees to find it. Picks ups scrambled paper. Shows it to the picture on the ground)

Sorry ‘bout that. Bad day and all. Didn’t mean to… you know what I mean. (begins reading)

“My son, my heart breaks at the thought of leaving you alone with your condition. But never forget, my son, despite what others or your mother might say, you are made in gods image, your desire is no-“ (throws paper, turns away into the dark)

But she was right, wasn’t she!? Right to beat the shit out of me. It felt just. It felt just for 15 fucking years and then you stroll in and fuck it all up!

Who am I to turn to now? You? Fucking gone! Mum? Don’t fucking bother. (returns to the light side)

But you always understood me better, as if you had been like me once. Maybe you were? Priests were young once, right? Or were you shat out with your collar and everything already in place?

(shakes head and regains control) I am sorry for causing such a scene. Better here than elsewhere though, right?


You would agree, I am sure.

(holds his head)

Gotta go now, shifts starting soon. (stops between light and shadow)

I’ll take care. Thank you, father.

(as he leaves the stage, a single drum is starting to beat like a heartbeat)

End Scene One.


Scene Two

Stage is dark, four spotlights illuminate an old man with a hat, a bride, a woman in business clothes, and a father with his baby in his arms. A monotonous slow drumming is in the back. All of them stare straight ahead over the audience’s heads.

Old Man: Shot.

Bride: A woman can never be a paedophile.

Old Man: Castrate.

Businesswoman: Justice is absolute.

Old Man: Cut the thing off.

Father: Children cannot love.

Old Man: Hung by the neck until death.

Businesswoman: Such desire.

Bride: Such desire.

Father: Such desire.

Old Man: Rape them instead.

Bride: Not in my society.

Businesswoman: Our society.

Old man: Rape them with their own cut-off cock.

Father: On the market square.

All: All paedophiles are guilty.

(a fifth voice whispers through the speakers with no stage presence): The largest category on any porn site is “teen”.

Lights out.

End Scene Two


2 thoughts on “Cold Steel Coffin – Act One (Part 1)

  1. I like the way you play with the light. Both literally and metaphorically.
    Curious to see how this will develop.


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