The Importance of Weapons in Survival Horror

The Importance of Weapons in Survival Horror


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I already hinted at this topic during my review of Mother!, so now I am going to talk about it in full-length. Not only do I want to make a point about how weapons, or the means to resist in general, are key to the experience in survival horror, but also how they fundamentally heighten the experience of horror itself rather than diminish it. Continue reading


Preparing the Gallows for “Interactive Dramas”

Preparing the gallows for “Interactive Dramas”


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This one is a bit overdue, isn’t it? I have often critiqued “interactive dramas”, like Telltale games, in my articles, but never quite taken the time to explain my immense disliking of them. Therefore, since it is far too warm outside for my taste and I just had a strong black tea, I will focus that energy and give my hatred written form and explain why exactly these “games” hardly qualify as such in my eyes. Also prepare for a lot of quotations marks, I am going to get as much mileage out of them as possible. Continue reading

Atrocious Art Design – Darksiders Series

Atrocious Art Design – Darksiders Series


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Remember last week when I mentioned the amazing minimalistic art design in 999? Well, it was all a clairvoyant taste of this week’s article made possible by the release of Darksiders 3’s footage. You don’t believe me now, do you? You have every right, but as a matter of fact it is a welcome opportunity to talk about art design in games and the absolute abomination that is the Darksiders series in this regard. And I might as well kill any hype for Darksiders 3 in the same breath as it looks to be the worst offender yet.

Continue reading

Embracing the Gimmick

Thoughts on Gimmick Horror Movies


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After recently watching the more than mediocre Hush, a movie about a deaf and mute writer being stalked in her small house in the woods by a redneck hunting enthusiast, I thought hard about those kind of horror movies with a certain gimmick. In this example, the deafness of the main character, or you can think of others like the monster from It Follows, the self-awareness of Cabin in the Woods and so on and so on. Therefore, I thought a few notes on what these movies are capable of doing that others may be not or where they sometimes fall short would be appropriate. Continue reading

A Kingdom Hearts Christmas Reflection

The Magic of Kingdom Hearts


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Christmas time is always filled with magic and nostalgia. Memories of holidays long past may return to one while sitting next to loved ones and a nicely decorated Christmas tree. The smell of the food alone may open the floodgates of childhood memories. Not that I would know, of course, I spent my life buried in books and games, never ceasing to consume one or the other in a gluttonous and very un-Christian kind of way. Joking (or nor joking) aside, I often have to think about the Kingdom Hearts series when Christmas draws near. Not that I got the first game this way or anything like that, I assume it is the magic of a childish mind that links these two. Looking at the game from a distance, one could reasonably wonder why such an aesthetic mish-mash could ever gather such a great following. Return thus with me to my childhood, to find out why the aesthetics of Kingdom Hearts do not obstruct but rather further the game’s central message (yes, those are exactly the things I did in my childhood). Continue reading

For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

The Intricacies of Horror


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A happy Halloween to all my beloved readers! The dark season is finally upon us and we have to make sure all the evil spirits are scared away, thus we have to play some truly scary games, watch frightening movies, and read horrifying books. Over the last month I have recommend some pieces of media to you, if you are looking for something chilling. Today, however, we take a close look at what makes good horror tick. Don’t worry, there will still be some recommendations buried among the word-corpses of this article. Turn off the lights, snuggle up under a blanket, because the most horrifying thing yet is about to come: Theory! Continue reading

Mr Teatime visits the Gamescom 2016

Mr Teatime visits the Gamescom 2016


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With a huge game event in my country, I simply had to visit the Gamescom this year after not having done so all the years prior. Though the fear of the masses of people had originally terrified me, I am pleased to say that they were not as numerous as I originally expected, in return though the event sure as hell was a lot louder than I had thought. Ubisoft really doesn’t like people’s eardrums it would seem. Anyway, I visited and played a lot of game and the following lines include my highlight. Take note, however, that I was far more interested in seeing a lot of things rather than playing them and I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait two hours or more in line to play a game like For Honor or Battlefield 1. I watched and sometimes tried what peaked my interest. I will try to link trailers or any other material in the title of each section, so make sure to click on those. Now let me tell what those special few were: Continue reading

The Dark Knight Trilogy v Superhero Movies – Dawn of Hatred

The Dark Knight Trilogy v Superhero Movies – Dawn of Hatred


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Often I rightfully accuse superhero movies of being as lacklustre in content as McDonald’s meals are in nutrients. Yet, there are superhero movies I actually like, three in fact: Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is a superb series of movies and while I will not analyse them here and now (but maybe in the future), I want to examine what sets these movies apart in respect to the garbage that floods the cinemas these days. Continue reading

Pokémon Go and the Sanctity of Space

Pokémon Go and the Sanctity of Space


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With Pokémon Go’s steady advances to submit the world to its reign territory by territory, a few issues have arisen as is always the case with big global phenomena taking over. If you are wondering whether your loyal Mr Teatime has been subjected to the power regime of “Catching them all”, then no, he hasn’t. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he has an old Blackberry that cannot run the game for the life of it. Personal inner growing hatred aside, there have been some rather interesting cases of Pokémon making an appearance and a public outcry about it and that is why we will dissect them today. Continue reading

“Liebster Award”

“Liebster Award”


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After being nominated for an award I was not aware of existing, I find myself in the position of having to answer some questions, pose new ones, and force them upon others. All of that sound rather negative now, but anything does, if the words drip from my hateful feather onto the screen. The idea behind the award is not a bad one, to get to know more blogs that might share your enthusiasm for games. Yet I find this weird chain-like rule structure to be uncomfortably binding around the wrist. So in true free will fashion I will mould this award into something I deem acceptable and cut out everything I don’t like, basically. I was nominated by Gamingpicks whom I thank at this point, since I felt both surprised and honoured. Without further ado, let’s answer some questions: Continue reading