Shadows in a Child’s Mind

Shadows in a Child’s Mind – Little Nightmares Interpretation


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When it comes to horror, your own brain is still the best creator. Nothing is more powerful at creating darkness than your mind given the little spark. And once the shadows have started transforming, there is little to stop them. Today, we look at the mind of scared little Six from Little Nightmares and what might actually be going on around her. No horrible sea establishment with good service but a rather steep bill. No, what we find in Six’s story is a traumatic journey through a child’s life.

Spoiler Alert for the Main Campaign of Little Nightmares Continue reading


Handling Multiple Playthroughs – 999 Zero Escape

Handling Multiple Playthroughs – 999 Zero Escape


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– Spoiler Warning for 999 –

The Zero Escape series is one of those always-on-your-list-but-never-quite-getting-around-to-actually-playing-them type of affairs. Recently, I finally played through the entirety of the first title 999 (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors) and was left with a generally amazing feeling. One of the best parts, however, was the handling of multiple playthroughs, especially in a puzzle game, something seemingly dull the second time around. That is why today’s essay is about the construction of branching narratives within multiple playthroughs.

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The Tragic Humanity of NieR Automata

The Tragic Humanity of NieR Automata


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Of course, I have to write something about the masterpiece that is NieR Automata. That being said, you, you know what follows: Massive Spoilerwarning! If you have not finished the game, you are not allowed to read any further. If you do not plan on playing the game: Plan to play the game and leave now. Nobody who has not experienced Ending E should read any further. Now that this annoying little necessity is out of the way, I can fully turn my attention to the topic at hand: The concept of humanity in NieR Automata. Continue reading

Pokémon Go Teams as Imagined Communities

Pokémon Go Teams as Imagined Communities


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It is safe to say that Pokémon Go has changed the world at least for a short amount of time. When a not to be further specified presidential candidate has puns about the game forced into his (or should I say her) speech then it is to be assumed that the game has a wide enough reach and popularity to be weaponise properly. I, for one, am, of course, far more interested in the cultural aspect than any potential vote-increase I could hope to attain from a sentence like: “Pokémon Go to the polls.” When you stopped shivering from the immense wincing you are sure to have experience just now, you can now enjoy reading about the idea of Pokémon Go Teams as imagined communities as defined by Benedict Anderson. Continue reading

Panopticism in The Tomorrow Children

Panopticism in The Tomorrow Children


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After recently playing the Beta for The Tomorrow Children, I kept thinking about the game’s use of visibility of other players and the possible reasons behind this choice. This article will focus on just that. I will look into this choice of game mechanic while using the theory of Panopticism which I will explain beforehand so everyone is on the same page. In doing so I hope to explain why the choice of player visibility is an ingenious move on the developer’s part even though at first glance it might strike you as odd. Continue reading

The Aesthetics of Excess in Bayonetta

An Analysis of Bayonetta


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Bayonetta is not only a stand-out character-action game, but also a tightly crafted experience. The game is, on a basic level, fun and over-the-top, yet there are clever decisions behind the game’s set-up and aesthetic choices that instil this feeling. What I am talking about is excess. The entirety of Bayonetta is a constant climax (puns inside and outside of the game wholeheartedly intended) that constantly keeps outplaying itself. How this is achieved in detail is what follows. Continue reading

The Mystery of W.D. Gaster

An Undertale Theory




It is time for THE mystery of Undertale: The elusive Dr Gaster and his story. While there are a ton of theories, fan art, and really amazing fan-made fights out there, the truth is far from discovered, but I aim to finally lift the fog surrounding this most cryptic figure and all of that based on the content of the game. Incidentally, I do not know where the idea came from that Gaster wears a turtleneck, but literally 90% of fan art depicts him like this. So sorry in advance, I found no evidence for a turtleneck, but what I did found was the truth about the doctor. Please look at the links at the bottom first so that everyone is on the same page. Continue reading

Colour, Power, and Determination in Undertale

The Power of colour in Undertale


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What? You didn’t really think I was done with Undertale, did you? There is still a lot to talk about and while I will not challenge the big mystery of W.D. Gaster (yet), I have another little bit of theory I would like to discuss. This time it is all about colour, souls, and the ability to change the world. Very basic stuff so to speak. As always: Spoiler-alert for the entirety of Undertale. Go! Leave! Play it! With that out of the way, let’s dive into it. Continue reading

Undertale is real!

Undertale is not Mimetic


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First of all, this article will spoil Undertale to a degree you may not have thought possible. I strongly advise finishing the game first. You still have time to leave or else you will have a bad time…

Everybody gone? Good, now with that out of the way, here is my theory: Undertale is not trying to mimic any reality, but is the reality of Undertale and the Underground itself. We will go through this step by step. Starting with the basic concept of mimesis. Continue reading

My thoughts on Star Wars Episode VII

Let’s Talk About Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens


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Before everyone starts complaining: Spoiler-Alert! The following article will cover The Force Awakens in its entirety and talk about everything that happens. Therefore, do not read this if you have not seen the movie. Thank you. With that out of the way, I will talk about some things I liked and didn’t like in the new Star Wars movie. Let’s get down to it. Continue reading