Who is this Mr Teatime?

Mr Teatime is a reclusive connoisseur of tea, video games, movies, and books. When he is not reading, watching, or playing while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea, he is writing down his thoughts which tend to be harsher than originally intended, so take his opinion with a small grain of salt (not in the tea, though). You will find critiques in the Review section, which is spoiler-free. The Interpretations part focuses on specific aspects of any medium that he considers worth talking about. Be warned, this section will usually contain key-points from the source material. Essay covers just that, Mr Teatime’s essays on anything he likes to write about. The newest flavour in this cultural blend is the Writing section that is home to the new interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. Have fun reading, feel free to express your anger or delight at his writing. Mr Teatime is looking forward to any comment (unless it is about free PokéCoins again). Tea is mandatory for maximum reading pleasure.

And if you ever wondered what he actually looks like, this is the closest you will get:


This lovely piece was created by my dear friend Dia who is sadly without any internet presence to display her work.


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