Rise once more, Count Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola)


Tea: Peppermint


A classic tale: The letters of young Jonathan and his visit with the dubious Count Dracula in Transylvania and the following confusion, deaths, and horrors that came from this place. The name is as notorious as the breed he is part of and since I have never watched this version of Dracula before, I thought it would be a fitting addition to this year’s marathon of little horrors and frights. Coppola is nothing short of a great director and his unique take on matters is sure to prove interesting with this one as well, won’t it? Continue reading


From the Woods

From the woods


“That cannot be him?” Margaret says while quickly drawing the curtains back. I gently push her aside to take a look myself. It seems impossible, but there is William walking down the road, rain pouring down on him. “For four months! Four months he was gone! That cannot be him. You said you had searched the woods with the others and only found his bloodied boots. Charles, what is the meaning of this?” Margaret’s eyes are full of terror, the supposedly dead man slowly walking past all the houses of his former village. Quick glances from every window line his way, but his eyes seem set on his destination. His feet black from the mud or something else, but his face white with ash, almost shining underneath those dark clothes I last saw him in. The thick branch he drags behind him leaves a trail in the wet and soft earth of our main road. Suddenly, he simply stops dead in his tracks. He does not look around or move, but seems to simply take in the pouring rain. Until his body begins to jerk violently and with a hellish scream he lifts the branch high and thrusts it into the ground. The wet soil gives way and he buries his trophy deep until his arms go limp and he collapses next to the twisted wooden thing he has brought along. No one dares to go out to him that night. Continue reading

The Saviour of Survival Horror

Lone Survivor


Tea: Old Camomile I found in a dark corner


Desolate streets, long empty hallways, and only the company of a stuffed cat are the main ingredients of Lone Survivor. We hold, my fellow ghosts of the autumn, a truly hidden gem in our transparent hands. To my complete surprise, Lone Survivor manages exactly what survival horror has been missing for years and all that with minimalist pixel graphics no less. But one ghostly step at a time, let us approach this bit and bit and find out what makes Lone Survivor succeed where so many have failed. Continue reading

The Importance of Weapons in Survival Horror

The Importance of Weapons in Survival Horror


Tea: Health Tonic


I already hinted at this topic during my review of Mother!, so now I am going to talk about it in full-length. Not only do I want to make a point about how weapons, or the means to resist in general, are key to the experience in survival horror, but also how they fundamentally heighten the experience of horror itself rather than diminish it. Continue reading

A Long Walk Home

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


Tea: Chai Pepper Tea


The horror…does not really continue. While on the surface this may appear like another entry in the “obscure horror movie” section, I was surprised what this movie actually was: Definitely not a horror movie, let me tell you that. No matter, I watched it and now I am going to review it no matter how well it fits into this theme month, there is a vampire in it, that is enough for me. Anyone disagree? Thought so.

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What lurks in the woods?

The VVitch (The Witch) – A New England Folktale


Tea: Chai


Can you see the branches stretching out from the woods? Closer and closer their skeletal fingers crawl across the meadow to your house, your window. The darkness in these woods is blacker than all you have experienced before. The same man never emerges from these woods, if he emerges again at all. Deep within the heart of this primal darkness is woman from the tales. She, who keeps children awake at night and away from the woods. And as the moon shines brightest, my dear readers, it is time we grab our lantern and set foot into this godforsaken place in New England. This is The VVitch.

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Afraid of Grey

Infamous Second Son


Tea: Sage


The first two Infamous titles are treasured memories with the second one still ranking high in my list of best games. Second Son, after its initial showing, already rubbed me up the wrong way with its protagonist and so I did not buy the game at launch. Now I finally got to play it and can say that my concerns were absolutely justified in every way. Continue reading

Get out of my house!



Tea: Spring Herb Tea


Oh, Darren Aronofsky, here we are again. We parted ways after you ruined a week of my life with Requiem for a Dream and I gave you another chance with Black Swan which won me over again. And now we find ourselves in an old house but which should soon be new and full of life again. A couple whose relationship seems to crumble despite the wife’s best efforts. And an unwanted guest brought into the house to stay. But once the door has been opened for one, there seems no end to those that would claim this house as their own. You took me on a nightmarish ride of two hours and now it is your judgement day.

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Little Nightmares


Tea: Chai Spice Tea


It has been over a year since I saw this game at Gamescom 2016, but even back then I was immediately mesmerised by its aesthetics and overall atmosphere. Now I finally got to play the small venture into the horrific bowels of the Maw and now that I have somehow found my way back from its depth (the details will forever remain unknown), I am now ready to share my experiences with you. Continue reading

What have we forgotten?

The Young Pope


Tea: Holy Sencha


Have you ever watched a Let’s Play of a game you had absolutely no interest in, but the commentary made you stay all the way through? Or a video tutorial about knitting – even if you had no intention of ever picking up knitting in your life – just to watch someone who is so into it explain it to you? Well, here is my example: I am not a religious person, in fact I am the exact opposite, so The Young Pope didn’t seem like a first choice to me. Now let me explain why you can be absolutely indifferent towards religion and still enjoy this masterfully crafted show. Continue reading